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Do You Believe In Reincarnation?

My sister transitioned this life to another dimension of life on June 26, 2012 and I began to think a lot about transitioning to a new life after death.

You see I transitioned this life on December 22, 2006 in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. Resuscitation methods were started in the ambulance and continued in the ER. I didn’t have a near death experience, I had a death experience.

In the experience that I had, I didn’t have a body, I was pure light. I was light. I had a body just like Jesus had when he showed His disciples His glory in Luke 9:32. I was a Spirit with a Soul and no body. I had a subconscious mind because I instantly manifested a place that I once desired to live in on earth in the dimension I was in at this time.

I can’t say how long I was in this place because in that dimension there is no time. There really isn’t any thing as time on the earth, what we consider time is really man’s attempt to measure eternity.

We are Spirit, energy beings, who has a Soul who lives in a body. Everything is energy. When Father first began to create the universe and created the earth and gave it to us to live on, all things were created from energy.

What is reincarnation? reincarnation is the embodiment in a new form (especially the reappearance or a person in another form).

I often here Jesus mentioned with the term “God incarnate”. I searched the Bible and was unable to find this term. Incarnate means  invested with a bodily form especially of a human body. I imagine this is saying that Jesus was God in a human body.

As I study the bible I can’t find one place where Jesus referred to Himself as Son Of God, that is having an affinity to God, kinship, resemblance, a close connection noted by community of interests or similarity in nature or character to God.

Jesus always referred to Himself as Son Of Man, that is having kindship, resemblance, a close connection noted by community of interests or similarity in nature or character to man.

Reincarnation is said to recognize that the Spirit is infinite, it never dies.  I believe that I have always existed and that I will exist forever, for I came out of God. In Him I live (have life) and move (am animated, have vigor) and have my being (have existence). I believe I will always have a Soul which house my consciousness and subconscious mind.

I believe that I have had free will since the foundation of the earth and that I am not God’s puppet and never will be. I existed from the foundation of the earth because Spirit is never destroyed and is never generated anew, Spirit Is.

I believe that I am sometimes within a physical human body, upon the dimension of Earth the plane, that before birth in this body I was not clothed within physical form but I existed.

I believe that there is a veil that shields our mind as we go from one existence to another. I have heard people say that they saw their relatives and loved ones when they transitioned, this wasn’t so for me. I was in the presence of Love, Love that’s indescribable, Love that can’t be experienced fully n this physical form.

I am still experiencing the degree of that Love that I am able to experience in this fleshly body. There were certain groups that I didn’t exactly care for before my death due to things I had been taught in religion. Things that I know now is not God and never will be. Love loves all of us equally and desires to give what’s best for all of His offspring.

Have you ever wondered what happens to our loved ones when they pass into the dimension of Spirit without body? They become one with the One great Spirit who created us in His image and likeness.

We maintain our Soul and Spirit because only the word of God can divide them according to Hebrews 4:12. The Soul is comprised of our mind. The mind is not in the brain, the brain is only a processor of information, the mind is in the unseen world. I is what’s in our soul that which makes us unique.  All elements of the Soul and Spirit survives but not of the body.

Once we depart this Earthly dimension there is a veil that exist in our memory just as it does of our existence before birth, I had no memory of people, as a matter of fact that didn’t even exist. We were and are light beings.

In the dimension to come we are able to manifest at will because there are no barriers to our ability manifestation once we depart from this body.

I believe the reason I came back to this dimension is because I know that what we are thankful for we get more of it so if we are thankful for the life we have we get more of it. Everything that was needed for me to return to this dimension was already in place.

From my being in the ambulance when it happened, to my husband being able to come into the ER and lay hands on my feet, the only place he could get to,  and speak life back into my body. I believe before I came to earth I volunteered to die and come back to life for a specific reason that is being revealed to me.

I also believe the incident that happened in Dec 2006 happened because of  fear after my aunt’s death and because in October 2001 I asking God allow me to know all about him while on Earth’s plane.

The  key to living this life is living in the present, to live fully in the now. The present, this very moment will always be the stepping stone that links your past to your future. Live and prosper!