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Law of Rhythm Part 2: A Universal Law- For Everything There Is A Time, A Season and A Purpose!

According to the Law Of Rhythm The Tide Comes In And Goes Out. "This Too Will Change"
According to the Law Of Rhythm The Tide Comes In And Goes Out… “This Too Will Change”



The Law of  Rhythm is an outstanding law that has been concealed behind nature. It is in conformity with this law that every thing is built and that every condition can be revealed.

The law of rhythm tells us that all energy in the universe moves like a pendulum. All things are forever in motion, swinging back and forth, in an organized pattern.

Having an understanding of how this law works will allow you to much better appreciate why things move the way they do. Occurances that may seem by chance to you are really happening in a very orderly pattern.

Not anything is by chance in this universe. We are always in a constant state of change. Our finances may be up one year, then down or not growing the following year. It’s like a pendulum that is swinging right, that will only swing all the way back to the left.

The tide will come in and then goes back out. Seasons come in and seasons go out. The economy will rise like a balloon, then explode into a recession. Everything in the universe is either growing or it is dying.

Are you able to see the cycles and patterns that we are all going through? If you think that you will be able to stay at a continual high potential in your life it is just an illusion. The Law of Rhythm can be summarized in one phrase: Everything in the universe is either growing or it’s dying.

Not anything new will be able to come into your life unless you create a space for it. You can see this occuring in nature often times in the flowers, the trees, and in the grasses as they begin to die before the winters snow, when spring comes around again they begin to grow.

Are you aware that a Buck’s antlers will fall off at the appropriate season? Their antlers will in reality die and will entirely fall off of their head. As the next season comes around, the Buck’s antlers will actually grow back, but this time they will have more points.

The law of rhythm likewise governs our health, economy, our relationships, and also our spirituality. The fundamental reason causing economies and people to advance through subsequent generations, is as one economy attains it’s peak (which is the top of its growth), then it explodes into an extreme low. At this extreme low, our only chance is the choice is to grow into a totally new beginning, a new economy.

Your advancement is a guarantee, or else this universe can not exist. Remember: everything is either growing or it’s dying.

With the Law of Rhythm the rise to success of great leaders can be predicted, likewise their fall to failure can also be predicted. Most great leaders have a sharp awareness for the laws of this universe.

If you don’t want to have failure in your life, always stay in rhythm with the laws of the universe. That which may appear to be failure to you is an opportunity for something new, great and exciting to happen in your life.

You can easily become great in your life by understanding and applying the Law of Rhythm. Let’s say that you’re at your peak in your health and fitness. Once you’re at your peak, you may see your health and fitness drop a little bit.

Don’t view this drop in your health as something being wrong with you, you may now be in a down swing, view this circumstance as a sign that you need to rest your body. Once you do this, by law, you have to grow to a better and higher state of potential.

Philippians 4:11  Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.

Everything changes, see what you want and allow the change to something you want in youur life.

Let’s take another example, We’ll suppose that you are putting a lot of effort in supplying service and providing value to all of your customers. According the law of rhythm, the same efforts have to come back to you in the form of an effect to your cause.

In other words you will get more value, which is usually in the form of money and more customers for giving exemplary service and value to others.

Upon gaining understanding of the Law of Rhythm huge pitfalls can be prevented in every area of your life. Understanding and implementing this law can also move you to great amounts of success.

When things in your life appear to be coming slowly and you’ve been planting seeds of success into your magnificent subconscious mind , this may be the right time for you to take massive action towards your success.

Your intuitive sense, which is one of your spiritual senses, will let you know when the perfect time has come. Remain “in tune” with the Law of Rhythm, knowing that this to shall pass, and become an observer of what’s going on in your life. Your intuitive sense will give you a signal to act, so that you can succeed.

Law of Rhythm: A Universal Law – For Everything There Is A Time, A Season and A Purpose!

The Law Of Rhythm - Ride the Wave Of Change

The Law Of Rhythm - Ride the Wave Of Change

The Law of Rhythm expresses, that there is a time, a purpose and a season for all things. It orders that water flows up and down, that the tide goes out, and the tide comes in. It also orders that the night follows the day.

As stated above in the Law of Rhythm it has been discovered that there is a time for all things. Remember that without bad there will be no good. One of these, bad or good, have to present itself to us for us to fully appreciate the other.

The Law Of Rhythm is just the way things works. Did you know that emotionally, intellectually and physically, we are on a rhythm cycle that we call a biorhythm.

There is going to be days when your intellect is at its peak, and there will be other days when it is a little low. There are days emotionally when you are going to feel great, and others days when you just do not feel so good.

There are days when your body feels like you could do anything you wanted and there are other days when your body feels just a little drained.

Well understand this, freewill takes precedent over everything even the biorhythm you are in. Do not focus on when you are on a down swing. If you are not feeling right up to par, give it everything you got and I guarantee you, others will never know whether you are on a high or low swing, because you are giving it the best you’ve got.

Some individuals who study the Laws of the Universe will say that they aren’t working, but the fact is, they are always at work. You have to have an understanding of all of the laws and how they all work together, and with that understanding and knowledge, you will be victorious in life.

What we have to do is to deal with these changes in our lives responsibly. What makes the difference is how we respond to these rhythms. We have the choice to accept the changes for what they are and ride the tide or we have the choice fight against them.

The choice is ours. Always remember that if you choose to fight the changes in you life you will only bring more of the same into your life.

The Universal Laws are not a new concept. They have been around for generations.

Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-9

The most important thing to recognize about this law is that there is a time for everything, without exception. You have to learn to ride out the bad knowing that the good is on it’s way then you will have won half the battle.

The other thing you need to remember is the more you fight the change the longer it will last. When you worry, your attention is focused on the thing you are worrying about and that brings more of it.

Let’s think about it this way. The Law of Rhythm is comparable to a wave in the ocean of life. If you will relax and let the wave take you were it might, you may hit a few ruff spots here and there, but you will also have the chance to ride some amazing waves.

On the other hand if you stand just ridged in the ocean when the tide is coming in then the waves will just beat you up, you’ll lose your balance, you’ll get tired and you’ll eventually drown. So relax and just ride the waves of change in your life.